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We are Saltmedia and we are a web design firm based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We're blogging now to speak to the business community in matters relevant to our work such as SEO and how we help our clients be found online.
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Cut Rate Logos: You Get What You Pay For

Cut Rate Logos: You Get What You Pay For

"I don't like to save money" -- said by no one, nowhere. It's true, everyone loves a deal because the thought of getting more for your money is pretty gratifying. That said, there are instances where an opportunity to save isn't always the sweet deal you thought it was. When it comes to graphic design, and especially logos, it always pays to spend a little more upfront and to have it done right. I know you're probably thinking, 'of course a graphic designer would say a graphic design company is best,' but it's the truth. You see, like most things in life, when you pay rock bottom prices for a logo, you're going to get, well, the rock bottom in terms of design quality and service.

Today, there are loads of companies advertising cut rate logo design services, but what companies like Vistaprint, Fiverr or Squarespace can't offer is the type of personalized service that a professional graphic design company provides and that can and will make all the difference in the end product.

Instead of a rushed, $5 logo that looks like it was made from a template (and it's very likely that it was made from a template) and fails to make a positive impression, paying a little more for a professional graphic design from a company like Saltmedia will provide you with a lot more bang for your buck:

    • We start the process with an in-depth consultation where we learn about your business, existing branding (if any) and what it is that you're envisioning for your logo
    • You can send us your feedback on the design and we'll happily make revisions until it's exactly how you want it
    • We provide services that go hand in hand with graphic design, such as website design and internet marketing, so we can ensure your logo becomes an effective element in your branding and online presence

If you want a professional looking logo that proudly represents your brand, invest your money wisely and call our graphic design team to get started: (780) 539-7258.

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