SSL & Why the Best Website Designs Have It

This month, we've been talking about professional websites, looking specifically at how your service experience differs when you choose to work with trained and experienced developers, and the quantity and quality of content that a professional site possesses. To put it simply, to achieve a professional online presence, you need the help of a professional web development company!

Today, I'm going to be talking about Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, another important component of any professional website.

What is SSL?

You know when you go to do online banking, and there's a little green lock icon at the beginning of the address bar? Or, have you ever noticed that these same sites use 'https' instead of just the standard 'http'? That's SSL, or at least an indication that the site you're viewing has SSL. Basically, SSL is a guarantee for those who are about to provide their personal information - like credit card numbers - that your website is secure.

With an SSL certificate, data that is gathered and distributed via your website is encrypted to ensure that it remains secure as it's sent over the internet.

Who Needs SSL?

The best website designs have SSL certificates, whether they're collecting payments or highly sensitive personal information or not. Why? To do business online, you need to establish trust. If people feel that your website looks professional and you can prove that you're serious about the security of their personal information, they're more likely to offer up their credit card details, information relating to their identity, or just their email address for a free newsletter. What's more is that because trust is such an important factor when anyone visits a website, Google also wants to see that SSL certificate, and rewards those sites that are equipped to ensure their visitors' security with better rankings.

Again, while every website can benefit from having an SSL certificate, it's an absolute must for websites that collect the following:

    • Medical information • Usernames and passwords for access to restricted areas on a website • Banking information for processing payments • Confidential information like legal documents or contracts

How Can You Get a SSL Certificate?

This is just one more way that it pays to work with a professional web development team like Saltmedia. We will set your business or organization up with everything you need to create the most professional web presence possible, including SSL.

Ready to get started creating a professional website with our professional team? Give us a call!

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