How Much Does a Website Cost? That Depends On What You're Looking For!

The start of the new year has many people setting goals for their businesses and thinking about the strategies they'll use to achieve those goals in the year ahead. A new website or a first website might be at the top of your to-do list for 2017, and you've probably got some questions.

It's no surprise that the question we hear time and time again is 'how much does a website cost?' To give you an idea of what websites costs, however, we've got to break it down by what it is that you're looking for in terms of a website design, and how web design services available at varying price points can fulfill your needs for an online presence. Today's post is the first in a 3-part series - so stay tuned!

Identifying Your Website Needs

The first step in answering the question of how much you should expect to spend on a website is identifying what it is that you need in a website. You see, there are loads of options and websites available to suit virtually every budget. I'll use the car analogy to explain what I'm talking about:

While a brand new but low priced car can cost $20,000, a slick, high performance car can cost millions, and of course, there's everything in between. Heck, you can even get a rust bucket for $1000, or a Junker that barely runs for free! Like cars, there are websites available for a wide range of price points. Figuring out what it is that you want and need from your website is key to making the best possible investment for your business.

As Cheap As They Come

If the only reason you need a website is to have an online presence, and it doesn't matter how reliable or flashy it is, a Wix or Weebly website is a good option for those with very small budgets. These do-it-yourself sites are very inexpensive, if not free, but like anything, you get what you pay for!

At Saltmedia, we offer $500 business card placeholder sites in addition to our larger and more complex web design solutions. Just like the name implies, these sites contain the type of information you'd find on a business card.

A Professional, Reliable Website Solution

If you want a professional online representative for your business, a Saltmedia website is a great solution. Our professional and experienced Canadian web designers will build you a site that's ready to drive on the massive highways of the internet, providing you with a visually stunning and robust site that's worth every penny. Plus, our totally custom web design services are available at a variety of price points, as well. Check it out:

  • $1500-$4000 Base Price Websites: a beautiful, professional yet basic website that's compatible on any and every device. Plus, at Saltmedia, you always own your website and domain name!
  • $4000-$8500 Mid-Range Websites: A website with a lot more information and features, including online application forms, donation integration, etc. would fall into this category.
  • $8,500-$14,000 Internet Race Car: These websites are built according to advanced SEO strategies, including detailed keyword research, keyword optimized website copy, title tags and meta descriptions, and more. These are lead-generating machines that give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed online.

While every website we build is a custom job, and these price points are just meant to give you an idea of what you can expect when you invest in a Saltmedia website, the sky is the limit when it comes to features and all of the ways that you can tailor your site to suit your needs. Some of the many features available for additional costs include online stores, video subscriptions, professional copy writing, portfolios, and social media integration. These features can also be added on later, as your business' needs change. We've built business card placeholder sites for as little as $500 and huge, custom sites that cost as much as $50,000.

Stay tuned because I'll be talking more about website investments, and specifically how they relate to domain names and website technology. If you're interested in receiving a custom quote for your web design project, get in touch with us to schedule a discovery meeting.

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