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Why is a Professionally Made Logo so Expensive?


Ever wondered how seeing a large yellow “M” redirects your brain directly to think of McDonald's? Or how a partially bit apple makes you think of “Apple Inc.”? That is exactly how powerful professionally made logos can be. They are the first thing customers notice about you. They become an integral part of your brand image, and every time a customer sees something vaguely related to your logo, the first thing they will think of is your brand.

They are your brand’s identity and make sure your identity is powerful enough that people associate nothing but your brand to anything even vaguely related to it. And to have something this powerful created you should be ready to spend money. The money spent on a logo is not to be considered an expense that you might have avoided, instead consider it an investment that will bring in returns in the future.

For a logo designer, it takes a lot of time to come up with a concept that defines you. Most of us tend to believe that a logo is just a picture when the reality is far from it. Designing a professional logo requires thorough research regarding your business and the industry you operate in, followed by rounds of revisions and edits to eventually deliver a logo that you love. Then it requires design expertise that comes with years of experience. A designer needs to be perfectly aware of the concept of design, and how many design components like color can define and communicate your brand.

There are other technicalities involved. The designer must ensure that their design is ready for use in both digital and print applications. A professionally designed logo will work for any format, from printing, to car decals, to huge billboards or the web! Creating a powerful logo requires both money and patience, but the fruits it can reap are beyond measurable.

Saltmedia has experienced formally trained design experts with years of real world experience in marketing and design. Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your businesses identity that communicates a lot about your company with just a glance. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A professionally designed logo will place your company head and shoulders above the competition.

We at Saltmedia create logos that are serial winners. If you want us to create one for you, then Call Us Today at 780-539-7258 and speak to a Saltmedia representative for further information!

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