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Beyond Logos: A Graphic Designer Can Create Incredibly Powerful Visuals for Your Business

Beyond Logos: A Graphic Designer Can Create Incredibly Powerful Visuals for Your Business

You wouldn't be the first person to admit that they have absolutely no idea what it is that a graphic designer does beyond creating business logos. The graphic design field is actually pretty vast, and while the quality of your logo and its overall design are really important, there are so many other ways a graphic designer can help further your brand's reach through graphics.

The Power of Graphic Design

Think of a graphic designer as a visual communicator. You know the saying, 'a picture is worth a 1000 words?' Well, graphic designers know how to say the right things about your business through images. Believe it or not, the font, colour, layout, imagery and other components used in a logo or a piece of marketing material can all work together to communicate specific ideas to customers. While the right graphic designer can help you create materials that evoke particular emotions or drive viewers to take action, poorly designed graphics also send messages, but not necessarily the ones a business owner wants.

There are countless examples of graphic design blunders out there. You know them as soon as you see them; the brochures, websites or logos that you have to squint or shield your eyes with your hands to look at, as if that makes it any less uncomfortable to view, or those that almost instantly trigger a headache. Too many colours or fonts, the wrong colours or fonts, poor quality images...and the list goes on.

Working with the right graphic designer will allow you to reach new and existing customers and to drive home your message without being obnoxious. And before you think that graphic design stops at logos and brochures, think again. At Saltmedia, our graphic design team can provide you with any of the following:

    • Logos - Make your brand shine!
    • Brochures & Business Cards that won't be tossed in the garbage
    • Promotional Materials - Coupons, flyers, vehicle decals, stickers, t-shirts and posters that command attention
    • Website Graphics - Bringing your brand to life on the web through slideshows, ads, backgrounds and more

If your business could benefit from a highly effective and yet affordable way to reach new customers, get in touch with us. Put quality graphics to work for your business, now!

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