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Beyond Copy: Using Buttons Effectively in Your Website Design for Better Conversions

Beyond Copy: Using Buttons Effectively in Your Website Design for Better Conversions

This month, I've been sharing some proven tips for achieving more results through effective calls to action and other website copy. While a call to action and persuasive writing are fundamental to generating more leads and sales, they're not the only ways you can boost conversions.

In fact, there are many facets of a website design that can and should work together to provide the user with a specific experience and, hopefully, elicit a specific response. Today's post will talk specifically about how to effectively use buttons to improve your site's conversion rate and deliver real results.

Adding Better Buttons to Your Website Design

A great deal of testing has been done over the years to determine how the look and placement of buttons affects their conversion rates. It's not enough to toss a 'Buy Now' button on your product page and expect people to click it. When considering your overall website design, give some thought to how and where the buttons will appear.

  • Don't feel compelled to just use 'Buy Now' on your button, even if that's what you want the visitor to do. Changing up the text, ever so slightly, can be all that's needed to attract more attention to the button, and you can always add a secondary line of text, in small font, below the button to add intrigue. In particular, write in the first person. So, instead of writing 'Request a Quote,' make the copy more personal by using 'Send Me My No-Obligation Estimate.'
  • The colour you use is very important, when it comes to buttons. Buttons that aren't in contrasting colours blend into the site's background and are overlooked, while people have been known to assume that grey buttons are inactive or don't work. Colour can also be used to encourage visitors to choose one option over another, when presented with a few different packages. Just by making one of three otherwise identical buttons a different colour, you can have a greater influence on visitors' decision making process. May sound a little too easy, but the proof is in the pudding!
  • Keep button designs simple, or in other words, make a button look like a button. You want to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to see and click a button. They shouldn't need a map to find the button that will take them to the sign-up form for your newsletter.
  • Less is more, so try to keep it to one button per page. While you might think that choice is a good thing, too many choices overwhelm and make people feel less confident about the decision they make. 

If you're frustrated by the lack of conversions you're getting from the buttons on your site, get in touch with us to discover ways of revamping your existing website design through proven conversion rate optimization tactics. Call us at (780) 539-7258.

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