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Before You Trust Just Anyone with the Design of Your Website, Read This!

Before You Trust Just Anyone with the Design of Your Website, Read This!

If you're shopping around for website designers, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of options. What you might have also noticed is that there are a lot of individuals and businesses advertising website design services, even though they're not professionals or a website design company where their sole focus is building websites.

If you're lured in by the promise of rock-bottom prices, you're not alone. Hey, everyone likes the chance to save money, right? But the risks associated with hiring anyone but actual website designers are too high, and you could end up wasting a whole lot of time and money if and when things go terribly wrong.

The Risks:

You Could Lose Your Domain Name

It happens all the time; a business hires an individual or a company to build their website, and later, when they decide they want someone else to host their site, or there's some sort of falling out, the business discovers that they don't actually own their domain name. The lucky ones wind up paying shady 'web builders' or 'web design companies' thousands of dollars just to get back the domains they thought were their own. The not-so-lucky have to start over and lose all of the traction they made with their original site and domain.

When you work with true professionals, your domain name will be registered in your name and you will have total control.

You Could Lose Access to Your Website

Just like domain names, shady individuals or companies have been known to hold business' websites hostage in certain situations, like when there's a falling out or a contract expires.

When you choose reputable website designers, you will own your website and have full access to it, all of the time.

Running Around to Several Service Providers

There's a big difference between working with someone who can create a cool looking website and someone who can design an equally cool looking website that's got all the bells and whistles your business needs to succeed online.

Only a professional and experienced website design team will understand every aspect of a website. From hosting and domains to all of the web programming languages and everything in between, professionals can satisfy all your website needs, saving you a great deal of time.

Not Knowing Who to Call When There's an Issue or Your Site Needs Maintenance

Only developers know how to mechanic what's under the hood of a website. Sometimes, there's a bug that needs working out, or your website requires updates. Working with a professional web design firm ensures you will have the support you need, when you need it, and you won't find yourself depending on someone who may not even know the first thing about the website's backend.

Do yourself a huge favour and have your website built properly, the first time, by an experienced and trusted team of website designers. If you're looking for the ultimate website solution, delivered to you by a company that charges competitive rates and is committed to client satisfaction, give us a call and let's get started on your web design project.

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