Next Generation Mobile Web Development: What it Means for Your Business

November 14, 2016

In the not-so-distant past, a lot of businesses jumped on the mobile web development bandwagon after Google announced that they'd penalize any site that wasn't compatible. Seeing that the vast majority of people use their smart phones to search, it makes good sense for a business to have a website that can be viewed from a mobile device. Just like anything else, however, not every mobile website is created equal and some fail to deliver the results their owners expect from their investment.

Pro Website Designers Do Mobile Best

It doesn't take long to find someone offering mobile website services, but only web developers are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to build a site that looks great and functions even better, no matter the device. Think of it this way; website developers are the mechanics of websites, while graphic designers and marketing firms that don't specialize in websites can build a site that looks great, but under the hood it's nothing but a pile of junk that clunks along and frustrates users.

There's a lot that goes into a high quality mobile website design. These are just some of the pieces that a mobile website needs to include in order to offer the best possible return on investment and user-experience, which we'll talk about in the coming weeks:

Fast Hosting:
When you work with the website designers at Saltmedia, for instance, our websites load up to 20 times faster because we house your site in an awesome, secure house, unlike cheap, shared hosting.
Image Optimization:
Sites featuring images that haven't been optimized load VERY slowly. Even if an image is crisp and clear, the file needs to be shrunk for the site to perform well.
Clean Code:
Professional website designers know how to tweak under the hood of your website to ensure it loads quickly on any device. Marketing firms that offer mobile websites, on the other hand, aren't equipped to perform these modifications that make all the difference.
Responsive Design:
Developers know how to use technology to build websites that look and function exceptionally well on smart phones, as well as any other device. It's one website that's capable of providing the best possible user-experience, no matter what you're searching from.

Stay tuned for the next two posts in this mobile series, where I'll be talking about the importance of speed in mobile design and all of the ways mobile can improve user-experience, making a profound difference in your website's performance. If you're worried that your mobile website design might not be measuring up in today's fast-paced technological world, give us a call and we'll build you a responsive site that will take your business into the future.

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