WordPress vs Joomla:What Makes them Popular CMS Solutions for Web Development and Which One Saltmedians Love--Just a Little More

WordPress vs Joomla:

The debate about which Content Management Software system (CMS), WordPress or Joomla, is best for powering websites isn't new, and I'm sure website designers everywhere will continue to argue the merits of one over the other, for years to come. You see, everyone has a favourite, like Coke or Pepsi, one that they feel is superior and that they recommend to their web development clients, again and again.  While WordPress and Joomla aren't the only CMS options out there, it's my opinion that they're the best options in 2014, and the fact that tens of millions of people around the world have chosen to use WordPress or Joomla for web development leads me to believe I'm not alone in my thinking.

What is a Content Management System and Why is it a Critical Component of Any Website Design?

People who work in web development sometimes forget that not everyone eats, sleeps and breathes stuff like CMS. The average person looking to have a website built might not know that the CMS they choose will play a major role in their site's functionality and user experience. To put it simply, your CMS keeps track of every single piece of content you place on your site, from text and images to videos, music and more.

For Web Development, Which is Saltmedia's CMS of Choice?

In short, Saltmedians love Joomla because it's powerful, expandable and secure. Web development clients who want and need a platform that's robust, easily customized and that's capable of keeping up with their business or organization as it grows will find that Joomla is a solid content management solution.  Last year, about 30 million new websites around the world were built using Joomla, so it's not just Saltmedia who thinks this is a CMS that's worth its weight.

WordPress' Ease of Use Makes it Popular, but Also a Prime Target for Hacking

To date, more than 20% of the world's websites are powered by WordPress, which makes it a very popular CMS, to say the least. Why is it so popular? I'd say, more often than not, people choose WordPress because it's easy to use. Because of this, I think it's a great option for those who are just starting out in website design, although you still need web development skills if you want to create a website with any real level of sophistication.  With that being said, my experience tells me that learning how to use Joomla isn't really any more difficult than WordPress. At Saltmedia, we train our web development clients how to use their new sites and we haven't found that one is more or less difficult for people to learn.

Security, however, is a pretty major concern and something that bumps this CMS down a peg for Saltmedians. The sheer number of sites that use this CMS make it a major target for hackers and cybercriminals. If keeping your site's information secure is a top priority, this is definitely something for you to consider.

What the Two Have in Common

  • Use PHP and MySQL as their scripting languages
  • Built using open source
  • Easy to use and update, once you've had a little training
  • Have a plethora of extensions (Joomla) or plugins (WordPress) that can be used to customize a site

 So there you have it, the nitty-gritty on what makes both of these CMS solutions solid options for web development, and more importantly, what it is that puts Joomla at the top for us at Saltmedia.

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