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Which Types of Digital Marketing are Most Important for My Business?

Which Types of Digital Marketing are Most Important for My Business?

Business owners often ask us which types of digital marketing are most important if they want to succeed online. The truth is, there isn't a one-size-fits-all online marketing solution that will work for every business. In fact, your industry, your business goals and budget will all play a role in determining which forms of marketing will produce the best results. Give us a call to discover the custom online marketing strategy that will take your business to the top, but first, check out the following to gain a better understanding of what the various forms of marketing entail.

A Website: The ultimate form of online marketing and the best way to advertise your business, today!

Marketing Automation: Streamline your marketing operations with revolutionary software that automates tasks like sending email newsletters, social media activity, and other website tasks.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Improve your website's visibility in search engines and increase site traffic, predominantly through paid listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve search engine rankings through unpaid tactics and drive quality traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay a fee each time one of your business' advertisements is clicked - essentially a way to buy traffic.

Mobile Marketing: Paid advertisements that are tailored for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Some of these methods include app-based advertising, QR codes and location-based ads.

Blogging: On the web, content is king! It's vital for businesses to have a blog on their website, as this is a great way to drive new traffic to your site and to convert those blog readers into your customers. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with readers, two things that are necessary for attracting more leads and conversions.

Email Marketing: Improve brand awareness by emailing subscribers news about your business, special offers and new product information.

Social Media Marketing: Improve brand visibility by interacting on social media platforms and sharing content and other useful information with your followers, friends, and connections.

Location Based Marketing or Local SEO: Optimize your site and profiles in online business directories with location based details that attract the attention of local customers.

Content Marketing: Create and strategically distribute quality content that viewers (potential customers) will find useful, on a regular basis. Content can include articles, videos, infographics and more.

If you're ready to discover how your business will benefit from one or a combination of several of these valuable forms of online marketing, please get in touch with us.

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