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What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

In today's world, where everyone from tweens to senior citizens use smartphones and other mobile devices to surf the web, it's vital for business owners to market their products and services effectively. This means that in addition to a mobile website design, businesses will benefit from adding mobile marketing to an online strategy that's tailored for bringing more leads and sales.

Mobile Marketing at a Glance

So what is mobile marketing and why should you care? Mobile marketing consists of placing ads on mobile devices. There are several mobile marketing platforms to choose from, each offering their own unique styles of advertising. Some of the channels include app-based marketing, ads that appear in games or text messages, and QR codes that users scan to be directed to a specific website. Google AdWords has also jumped on the mobile bandwagon, and offers mobile marketing options, as well.

Adding Mobile Marketing to Your Digital Marketing Mix

If you're interested in tapping into the mobile market, these are some of the best practices you should follow:

    • Keep it short and sweet: mobile ads are small so keep your content concise yet clear.
    • Focus on local: optimize your ads for your location to tap into the local market - the people who are looking for the goods and services you sell!
    • Choose your ad style according to your market: if you sell mostly to young people, in-game ads are a great marketing platform, for instance.
    • Test and track your results: try new advertising strategies, like targeting different keyword terms, and use one of the available tracking tools to measure results.

If you're interested in learning more about the important role that mobile should be playing in your digital marketing strategy, or if you're way behind the eight ball and still need a mobile website design, get in touch with us. Our team of web design and online marketing experts can help you create an effective online presence for every device, everywhere.

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