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We are Saltmedia and we are a web design firm based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We're blogging now to speak to the business community in matters relevant to our work such as SEO and how we help our clients be found online.
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What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

Attracting the attention of prospective customers and convincing them to buy your goods and services is a never-ending feat. Just think of all the off and online marketing you do to expand your customer base. Well, a great way to maintain a steady stream of business, especially during those times when it seems like new sales are few and far between, is to keep your existing customers informed and interested. Email marketing is the solution you need to keep up those touch points in a way that's efficient, affordable and effective.

The Pros

  • Highly Affordable Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Via a Targeted Channel
  • Analytics Makes it Easy to Measure Email Marketing's Effectiveness

Getting Started with Email Marketing

If you're interested in using email marketing to reach out to your customers, you need to start by choosing an email marketing system. At Saltmedia, for instance, we're a solutions provider for Constant Contact, a fantastic cloud-based email marketing system that makes it quick and easy to promote brand awareness.

The next step is building an email list. It's now illegal to send customers email messages without their consent, so you can ask clients if they'd like to provide their email address to receive news of promotions, etc. Entice them to join your email list by offering a discount on their next purchase.

With the right system, it's a breeze to add new contacts and to send regular newsletter style messages to your list. The trick, however, is knowing how to write newsletters that people want to open and read! This is where it pays to use analytics to test different approaches and to measure their success.

Tried & True Tactics

  • Keep your emailed messages relevant for your target audience/li>
  • Be sure to send out your emails at a time of the day and week when your list is most likely to read them - Saturday at 11:30 pm isn't a good time, for instance
  • Put some thought into your subject line; fail to entice your readers and they'll just delete the message

There are many great strategies for building a solid email marketing list and writing newsletters that people want to read and act upon. If you're ready to discover how this form of online marketing could provide you with an awesome ROI, get in touch with us now.

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