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Trends in Website Design 2015: Wearable Devices

Trends in Website Design 2015: Wearable Devices

For any website design company that's worth its weight, staying on top of the latest trends in the tech world is a must. When it comes to website design, you need an online presence that's compatible with the most cutting-edge technologies on the market, or else you risk owning a site that's more of a frustration and less of a resource to those who wish to learn about you or your business and consume your content from a variety of devices.

One of the latest trends - and, some would say, challenges - in website design is wearable devices, which is the topic of today's post and the first in a three-part series on web design trends for 2015.

If you're at all in-tune with the tech world, you've likely seen or read about smartwatches, the latest in a line of super cool technology that keeps people more connected than ever before. Now, instead of swiping and tapping the screen of a smartphone that's in the palm of your hand, you can search and browse websites, take pictures and videos, even make phone calls, right from your wrist!  

The Ultimate in Function & Style, One Teeny Tiny Screen

Today it's the smartwatch, tomorrow it's false eyelashes that let the wearer scroll through websites with the blink of an eye. Okay, smartfalsies may not be on store shelves any time soon, but the point I'm trying to make is that a website design company needs to be able to adapt and change to overcome the challenges presented by wearable devices today, but also capable of anticipating the challenges that these fun and useful devices will hurtle at us in the future.
These are some of the ways wearable devices are changing the rules for website design, right now:

  • Text Size - larger fonts, or else we'll all need smartspectacles just to read from our watches!
  • Fast Loading Speeds - 'cause nobody wants to stare at their watch for five minutes, waiting for a site to load.
  • Interactivity - if people are willing to wear their technology, just to stay connected, sites need to be interactive.
  • Less is More for Design - scrolling across cluttered web pages on a tiny screen just isn't functional, and functionality is what wearable devices are all about.

The Answer is Responsive Design 

So how can you ensure your website is going to stay relevant in the forever changing world of technology? Responsive design.

Responsive design supports any and every screen, regardless of its shape or size. This means that whether we're surfing from our wrists today and our belly buttons tomorrow, responsive design will allow your site to evolve as it should - and must.

Are you looking for a website design that will not only look and function exceptionally well today, but still be relevant tomorrow? Get in touch with us! Saltmedia specializes in responsive design and can offer you a robust online presence that's compatible, no matter where wearable devices take us next.

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