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There's a Right and a Wrong Way for Businesses to Use Facebook. Learn the Keys to Success, Here

There's a Right and a Wrong Way for Businesses to Use Facebook. Learn the Keys to Success, Here

Recently, I've been sharing tips and other useful insights for Facebook, and specifically how business owners in Grande Prairie and beyond can use the social media platform to attract new leads and even sales. As a web design company that also offers search engine optimization and other internet marketing services, we often see business owners who are keen to take advantage of this free marketing platform, but who don't necessarily know how to use it in a way that will generate the types of results they're after.

There are a few basic principles that should guide your interactions in Facebook. With these in mind,  you'll make the best use of this free marketing platform.

Facebook is a Place for Socializing, Not Hard-selling

In our dealings as a web design company and through our own personal use of Facebook, this is the mistake we see businesses making most often. Facebook is a social network and people sign up to do just that--be social. When a business is overtly marketing their products and services here, it just seems out of place and turns people off and away from your page before you even have the chance to prove to them that your product or service offering is worth checking out.

Instead, use Facebook to interact with current and prospective customers. Think of it as a place to demonstrate your authority in a niche by sharing high quality content that your followers will find interesting and useful. Join in their conversations and start new conversations. Answer their questions and share your company's news or special offers, but don't post product descriptions and sales copy and expect a flood of visitors to your business' website.

Creating and Sharing Content that Encourages Followers to Action

Facebook is the perfect place for businesses to share original content, including how-to articles and videos, and it's a good way to interact without coming off like a salesperson. To ensure the time and effort you put in to creating content aren't wasted, use your company's frequently asked questions, or FAQS, as your guide. The questions your customers ask you most often will shed light on what it is that interests them or the problems they're looking to solve. With content that speaks directly to the people you need to convert into customers, your followers will be more likely to 'like' and share the content with others, which not only helps to popularize your brand, but builds trust and wins favours with search engines.

Before you start hammering your Facebook followers with sales pitches, think about the ways you can build interest for your brand by demonstrating your knowledge and sharing the types of tips and tutorials that actually solve your followers' problems. When they see just how much value you can provide, and that you're actually interested in creating and maintaining a relationship with your customers, you can stand by and watch as your marketing is done for you.
To learn more about the role Facebook should be playing in your business' internet marketing strategy, or for information on our web design or search engine optimization services, feel free to contact us.

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