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Should I Hire a Web Designer or Use a Website Builder?


Ah, yes, the age old question of whether you need to hire a web designer or if using a website builder is just as good. Like anything, there's pros and cons for both, but working with a reputable web design company where website designers can bring your ideas from concept to reality is the best way to derive real value for your business.

Let's take a closer look:

Web Designer Versus Website Builder

While it's pretty obvious that website designers are people who design websites, you may be less sure about what a website builder does. Whereas working with a web design company you rely on the design and coding knowledge and skill of a web designer, you're essentially using a tool and selecting from a series of template designs when using a website builder.

Website Builder Pros & Cons

The biggest draw for a website builder is the cost, or rather, the fact that it can be considerably cheaper than hiring website designers. Another attractive feature is that it's super fast. Really, you could feasibly build your website in a couple of days.

For some, however, the cheap prices and super fast turnaround fall short when they realize that a website builder doesn't do custom. The disadvantages of choosing a website builder is that you are just choosing from templates and the end result is a site that looks, well, 'ho-hum,' and doesn't perform as well as it could. Not only is the design not unique to your business, but you won't have the opportunity to include website features that could actually make the way you do business more efficient and effective.

Website Designers Pros & Cons

For some, the up-front investment in professional web design services and the fact that you may have to wait several weeks for your site to be finished is what entices them to choose a website builder over a designer.

Others, however, see a designer's ability to fully customize their site, using their knowledge and skills to create something that not only looks impressive, but also functions exceptionally well, as reassurance that they're going to recoup their investment.

At Saltmedia, we take the time to get to know our clients' businesses and then create a strategy for how their new website can help them to achieve their business goals. This is how we ensure our clients' investments will deliver the results they want and need.

If you want to enlist the expertise of a seasoned web designer to design and build you a site that's perfectly geared to helping you achieve success online, give us a call.

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