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Saltmedia 2018 Website Giveaway Winner


Like every year, Saltmedia decided to do a free giveaway in 2018 too. This year the winner was of the giveaway was the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre. Saltmedia presented the GP Friendship Centre a state-of-the-art website inclusive of all features that the organization might need to continue in its endeavors smoothly in the future.

The Grand Prairie Friendship Centre has been working tirelessly for a noble cause. They have worked day in and day out to support the Indigenous people and look after their needs. They have been striving to bridge the cultural gap between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community and have been successfully doing so for the past five decades.

This giveaway is a way to reconnect with her roots for Angie Saltman, the President of Saltmedia. Having a Metis heritage herself, Angie has a deep connection with the work GP Friendship Centre has been doing. This website was one of the ways Angie and Saltmedia intend to pool in this noble cause.

The website was presented to the Grand Prairie Friendship Centre one 1st September 2018, a week before their 53rd anniversary. Saltmedia is honored to serve the cause that GP Friendship Centre has been working for. The website meets all the modern day needs that an organization like GP Friendship Centre needs. A multistep design review process was ensured so that quality can be ensured. It was made sure that the website was bug-free before it goes live. Our experts looked thoroughly into all the intricate details before giving GP the finalized website. The content on the website was designed by some of the best professionals in the industry who were focused on creating nothing short of top-quality content. After we ensured everything was ready to go, we presented the final website to GP Friendship Centre.

Angie and Saltmedia hope to keep contributing to noble causes such as these in the future and play their part in the betterment of society.

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