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Put Email Marketing to Work for Your Business

Put Email Marketing to Work for Your Business

Deciding where it is that you should devote time and money to market your business online? Every small business should consider email marketing. It doesn't matter if your business services the oil and gas industry, you're an artist or you make and sell custom key chains, email marketing is one of the most efficient, affordable and effective channels through which you can grow your business.  

Why? While it's important to use online marketing tactics like SEO and social media to attract and convert new customers to your brand, the easiest way to generate more sales is by leveraging your pool of existing customers. You convinced them that yours was a product or service they wanted or needed once before, which is more than half the battle. Email marketing is the way to keep them coming back for more!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Easy Targets:

Email marketing is an easy way to target the right people. If you know what your customers purchased in the past, you can let them know when the same, similar or complimentary products and services are on sale or just released. Send special VIP discounts or tell them about an upcoming event in which your business is involved. Include links so that they can learn more about your new products on your website. Think of it as a friendly, 'hey, I thought you might like to know about this,' with the upside of sustaining brand awareness and generating more sales.


Your business' bottom line is at the heart of every decision, so choosing to make a rather small investment in an email marketing solution for what could potentially be a big return makes this marketing method a no-brainer. Our Grande Prairie web design firm is a Constant Contact solutions provider, one of the best cloud-based email marketing systems available. Once you've paid for the system, you can stay in touch with your existing customers as often as you like, without incurring additional costs.

Marketing Doesn't Get any Easier than This:

People are more likely to trust small businesses with their email information than they are large companies, so building an email list should be pretty easy. Crafting a letter in which you describe upcoming promotions, exciting new products and other company news will take little time, and with the right email marketing system, your correspondence can be sent out via this highly targeted channel faster than you can say 'show me the money!'

Measure Your Results:

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is measuring the results generated by their marketing endeavours. Solid email marketing systems allow users to measure the response, by providing data on the number of people who actually opened the email, clicked the links or even made a purchase. Being able to readily analyze and measure how it is that your marketing collateral is perceived means that you can continuously refine your approach for best results.

Ready to take advantage of this highly effective and oh-so-easy marketing method? Get in touch with our Grande Prairie web design team to learn more.

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