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We are Saltmedia and we are a web design firm based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We're blogging now to speak to the business community in matters relevant to our work such as SEO and how we help our clients be found online.
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More than Just a Web Development Company, Saltmedia Offers the Online Marketing Solution You Need to Drive More Customers & Sales to Your Business

More than Just a Web Development Company, Saltmedia Offers the Online Marketing Solution You Need to Drive More Customers & Sales to Your Business

At some point over the years, you probably advertised your business in newspapers, magazines and brochures. The thing about these more traditional forms of marketing is that they've been made nearly redundant by the many advertising platforms that are available on the internet. When most people today look online for the businesses they'll frequent, and an advertisement sent out across various channels on the internet has the potential to reach exponentially more people than an ad in your local newspaper, it goes without saying that online marketing is a must for businesses.

The thing about online marketing is that you've got to A) know how and where to effectively brand and advertise your business, and B) you've got to have the time to actually do it. Whether you operate a pet food store in Valleyview, AB, or a restaurant in Dawson Creek, BC, chances are you can't devote the amount of time that's required to successfully market a business on the internet. The solution? Find a web development company that also offers cutting-edge online marketing services and entrust them with the task!

Comprehensive Online Marketing Services, One Super Savvy Team

Saltmedia is more than just a web development company that builds attractive, high-performing websites for people in places that include Grande Prairie and Valleyview, AB, Dawson Creek and Fort St John, BC. In a nutshell, we can offer everything your business needs not only to be found online, but also to convert more of your site's visitors into customers. Instead of hiring a web development company to build your site and then seeking out another provider to build and market your brand, Saltmedia offers a complete solution for your business' online needs.

This is What Makes Saltmedia Online Marketing Different:

Brand Building & Integration: Building a brand is vital to business success. Well-established brands speak for businesses and make the best possible first impression on prospective customers. We'll work with you to establish a brand that conveys a consistent image of your business and integrate that brand across your entire online presence, from your logo, website, email marketing, social media marketing and beyond.

We Target the Right People: Whether we're doing full-service online marketing or focusing on a specific medium, such as email marketing, we consult with our clients to learn about their businesses, determine who their customers are and where and how to effectively reach them online. Why waste time and money marketing via Facebook if the people most likely to frequent your Fort St John, BC business spend their time in LinkedIn? Any marketing team can advertise your business, but Saltmedia will tailor how and where we market your brand so that it's most visible to the people you actually want and need as your customers, providing you with a more favourable return on your investment.

We'll Convert them Into Your Customers: It's one thing to get someone's attention with advertising and another thing to convince them to take the time to learn more about your business. With high-level copywriting used across channels that include social media, email marketing, local directories and landing pages, we not only attract the attention of our clients' prospective customers but we convince them to take action, whether it's to pick up the phone and call for more information, sign up for a newsletter, or buy a product or service.

Ready for Bigger & Better Results?

Before you consider sinking another dime into offline marketing, call Saltmedia to learn how your advertising budget could be better invested in various forms of internet marketing that are more visible and just plain more effective. We'll help you realize your business' true potential through high quality, custom online marketing services.  

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