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More Search Engine Optimization Myths: Are these Misconceptions Preventing You from Achieving Success Online?

More Search Engine Optimization Myths: Are these Misconceptions Preventing You from Achieving Success Online?

In my last post, I talked about a couple of the most common search engine optimization misconceptions we hear while working in this industry. All too often, people get hung up on outdated information, think they can run a successful search engine optimization campaign themselves in their spare time, or believe they don't need it all. The truth is, the days of DIY SEO are long gone, and unless you eat, sleep and breathe search engine optimization, your site will never reach its true potential as far as rankings, traffic volume and conversions are concerned.

Last time, I discussed two things that we at Saltmedia hear all the time; the myth that you can give your website a quick-fix of SEO and enjoy top rankings and high volumes of traffic for years to come, and that it's possible to build a strong web presence without a mobile-friendly website design. In this post, I'm going to share with you a couple more of the misconceptions that can, and undoubtedly will, prevent you from achieving success online.

Myth #1: Not every business needs to be active in social media

I hate to burst the bubble of anyone who has been using this to justify their non-existent social media presence. For every business owner who claims their target market doesn't include cell phone users, there are two who say their customers aren't in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Even if most of your clients aren't Tweeting or 'Liking' posts, social media is a must for any solid search marketing strategy.

You see, every time you share something interesting with your Facebook or Twitter followers, network via LinkedIn or post comments on another's wall or profile page, you're taking care of two important tasks; building trust among the people you need to convert into your customers, and demonstrating to Google and other search engines that you are an authority in your niche. Without trust, people will never feel good about becoming your customers. Without authority, your site will never rank at the top for your industry's best keyword terms. Social media is the solution!

Myth #2: Negative online reviews affect websites' search engine rankings

Just like an active social media presence demonstrates to search engines and prospective clients that you know your business and industry, inside and out, reviews and/or testimonials provide the proof people need to feel confident about spending their hard earned money on the goods and services you sell. But, where website and business owners go wrong is they avoid creating the local directory profiles that are the perfect platforms for receiving customer feedback, for fear of receiving a bad review. Contrary to popular belief, your website's rankings won't shift downwards when a disgruntled customer gives you a bad review.

In actuality, encouraging people to review your business in online platforms like Google Places and Yelp is a good thing and can benefit your business in a big way. Even a bad review can be good for business, if handled the right way. When you respond promptly and appropriately to the problems a customer raises, it shows that you're serious about keeping customers satisfied and consider their criticisms as ways to improve upon your offering.

So, don't shy away from reviews for fear of bad press. The size of your online presence and the manner in which you handle less-than-shining reviews can and will do good things as far as your business' image is concerned. Both Google and potential customers will take notice.

If some of these search engine optimization misconceptions have resonated with you, perhaps it's time to update your approach with a custom web strategy that will put you and your business in the best possible position for achieving success online.

For more information on the most up-to-date search engine optimization packages, call us at (780) 539-SALT.

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