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Awesome Developments in the World of Joomla! and What They Mean for You


As Joomla! professionals in Alberta, Canada, there are many reasons we love this Content Management System, or CMS. In previous posts, we've talked about how Joomla! is a great choice for a professional web design because it's robust, secure and flexible, but one of the things that sets this CMS apart, in our minds, is that they're continuously working to improve the platform for users like you. For anyone who chooses to work with our website designers to create a custom Joomla! site, this is just added reassurance that your website investment is going to be worth every cent.

Here are some recent developments in the world of Joomla! that only add to the awesomeness of this CMS:

Joomla! Voted Number 1 for Best Free CMS - Again!

Back in November, Joomla! was voted number one in the best free CMS category for the CMS Critic Awards 2016. This isn't the first year that Joomla! has received this honour, which goes to show that they're committed to continuously raising the bar in order to provide a rock solid CMS solution for their users.

Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2017

Google Summer of Code is a program that Google runs for college students. Basically, students get credit for improving and writing new features for designated projects. In past years, Joomla! received several new features through this program, including multilingual associations manager (Joomla! 3.7) and the template manager (Joomla! 3.2). This year, 10 students will be working to improve the CMS, which means only bigger and better things are in store for Joomla! users.

Joomla! 3.7 Released in April 2017

Joomla! 3.7 was released in April of this year, bringing with it over 700 improvements! This CMS was enhanced with features that include many security updates, a more efficient way to translate site content to other languages, administrative features like a new Backend Menu Manager, and much more. If you loved working with Joomla! before, wait until you see the new and improved Joomla!

If you're in need of a new website for your business, and you're looking for a CMS that's easy to use and flexible enough to keep up with your business' ever-changing needs, get in touch with us to discover the many ways you will benefit from a custom Joomla! site designed by the pros at Saltmedia.

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