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4 tips for Facebook Success

4 tips for Facebook Success

Whether your business has a storefront in Grande Prairie or you operate entirely online, your business needs a Facebook presence if competing and succeeding in your niche is what you aim to do.

Even if social media isn't your thing, or just like any other business owner you've got little extra time to devote to something other than the products and services you offer, using the following 4 tips when designing your Facebook strategy will ensure your interactions on this social media platform are as streamlined and effective as possible.

  1. Set your strategy.
    Determine your target audience, the image you want to present and what benefits you are going to offer your audience. Make a list of the objectives of your strategy, for example:
    1. Loyalty
    2. Increase audience
    3. Create brand
    4. Disseminate brand / product
    5. Educate people in my sector
    6. What's new in my sector
    7. And so on...
  2. Plan your content.
    Create your own publication agenda. Don't forget to account for your company's important dates, events, promotions and activities without losing the flexibility of last minute posts. Decide what will be the frequency of publication: daily, a few times a week, etc. Remember that a page with fresh content, pictures and/or videos attracts the most attention. You can take advantage of the 'Schedule Post' option (on the post window) and schedule several posts at once. This way, there won't be a gap in your posting schedule if you plan to take some time off.

    Facebook Time

  3. Interact with your affiliates.
    Always be ready to answer questions or comments. Determine the type of content your audience wants you to provide. Try not to write as you would in a sales brochure but to maintain a relationship with the customer.

  4. Use Facebook insights (In page settings)
    It will allow you to see the activity that is happening on your Facebook page, including which posts are most successful, at what time your affiliates are online and more.

Let these tips be your guide as you design and implement a Facebook strategy that will generate more leads and eventually more sales for your business.

For more information on the importance of social media to your business' online presence, or for details on our website design or search engine optimization services, get in touch with us: 780-539-SALT (7258).


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