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2015 Top 5 Facebook Engagement Tips

2015 Top 5 Facebook Engagement Tips

If you own a business, you're undoubtedly dedicating countless hours each week to improving your product and service offering and exploring new avenues for growth - in addition to running the company! Social media marketing can be a highly effective and typically free way to advertise your brand, but there's little point using this strategy if you're not going to engage your current or prospective customers with the content you share, the visuals you post, and so on.

Discover and implement some proven ways to keep your Facebook followers engaged and reap the rewards of social media marketing!

1. Share Memorable Content that's Easily Digested:

One of the most common mistakes made by businesses using Facebook for branding purposes is posting the wrong content. Facebook is not the place to post lengthy research papers or to use overly technical language. It is, however, a great place for sharing visuals like videos, and short, easily digested articles or industry-related news. Visuals, in particular, attract attention and stay in the forefront of people's minds for much longer than text-heavy posts.

2. Speak to Your Followers' Pain Points:

When coming up with ideas for content to share, think about why it is that your fans are following your business in the first place, what pain points they're seeking to address and how you can help them. By tailoring the visuals and posts you share in Facebook to what it is that they want and need, you'll attract and keep their attention longer.

3. Get Your Fans to Participate:

A highly successful way to keep your Facebook fans coming back for more is to get them involved in your page. Pose questions to get the conversation going, ask them to send in content and/or visual contributions, or create a contest - the list of possibilities is endless. Your fans will jump at the chance to be in the spotlight!

4. Keep Content Fresh:

Few things kill fan engagement faster than stale content. Taking extended holidays from Facebook posting can give the impression that you're not serious about keeping in touch with your customers or that you're too busy. Posting new content, no matter how much or how little, on a regular basis is perhaps the best and easiest way to keep fans engaged. The only catch is that it's got to be quality content - sharing irrelevant or poor quality content and visuals won't benefit your branding efforts. Make a social media marketing schedule that's practical and that you're sure to stick to and you'll benefit in more ways than one.

The start of a new year is a great time to set some new branding goals for your business, and social media marketing is one effective and affordable ways to do just that. For more information on how Saltmedia can help you design and implement a successful strategy for brand development and get your business found online, just give us a call.

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