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"Can potential customers find you on the Internet? Can they see relevant and up-to-date information about your products and services online? If not, you're missing the chance to turn them into real customers.  We can help!"Alex Saltman

Canned website packages?  No thanks...

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CMHA Grande Prairie

From start to finish, we'll help you create an online lead-generating machine. With compelling copy and stunning graphics to game-changing SEO, consider us your in-house web experts! Talk to us about fully managed services, where we'll design a monthly strategy that's geared to helping you achieve new business goals, growing sales and positioning your site at the top in Google!

Many of our competitors deliver website packages as basic, standard, and premium offerings. At Saltmedia, our web developers don't subscribe to this philosophy.

Our clients are unique and so are their businesses. Website requirements shift as businesses grow. Focuses change. New products and services are added. Companies merge, acquire other firms and so on. In our experience, tiered website packages are seldom agile enough to adequately account for these changes.

Our developers would rather consult with a customer and design solutions that suit the unique and specific needs of their company. After all, there are an overwhelming number of features and options available, when it comes to web development. Websites come in all shapes and sizes. This up-front discussion helps our developers to understand your business and its products and services. It also establishes an ongoing relationship that will provide outstanding value over time. What better way to provide the best solution than to learn about our customers? We are here to help you make the right decisions.

We are ready to listen.

Saltmedia Websites

Sparkle Tattoo Saltmedia Website
Sparkle Tattoo

Saltmedia's specialty is developing high-quality, visually attractive websites. We deliver on a wide variety of projects, ranging from the most basic informational websites and blogs to the development of advanced e-commerce systems and content-rich media outlets. Our web development company builds sites using powerful software frameworks known as Content Management Systems (CMS). Instead of re-inventing the wheel, open-source CMS offerings such as Joomla and WordPress allow us to focus our energy on developing your website content and structure to best satisfy your business requirements. We avoid lengthy and costly development cycles by leveraging pre-built website templates, modules, and extensions while providing an unparalleled level of flexibility. From there, we can customize and fine-tune our websites to solve even the most unique business challenges.

Responsive Design

Little Smokey Forestry Services Responsive Website
Responsive Design

In the past, mobile-friendly design usually required a dedicated mobile version of the website or the development and publishing of mobile apps. Responsive web design streamlines the experience and your website becomes the single outlet for all devices. Our developers offer more than just mobile web development services. We'll provide you with a website development solution that's capable of taking your business into the future!


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