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Mobile Design – What it is and Why it Matters?


Smartphones have defined and personified the advancements mankind has seen in the past decade or so. They have made our lives easy to the point that our use of laptops and desktops has minimalized. Apart from work, most of us only use our computers only for things that we cannot do on our mobile phones. These devices have literally brought the whole world in our hands.

The increase in usage of mobile phones in the world and especially in Canada has made it a necessity to have a mobile design for your business website. Mobile design refers to having a website that is compatible with mobile phones. The user does not have to unnecessarily scroll around and zoom in or out.

If you have a mobile compatible website. With almost 60% of Canada’s online traffic coming from mobile phones, the need to have a mobile design does not really need much emphasis. This number of online traffic through mobile phones is coming at the expense of desktop computers. And the number is expected to grow, and by 2021, 80% of Canada’s online traffic is expected to be through mobile phones.

Even if you look at it as a user or customer, if you access a website on your phone to buy something, and it is too slow to respond, or the interface is not friendly (that happens because the website does not have a mobile design), you will naturally get annoyed to the point you will use another website. As a company, this is bad (we cannot put it any more simply). It is self-cannibalization, as you are not only losing a sale, you are also gifting that sale to a competitor only because you didn’t adapt.

If you do not want to lose a customer like that, Contact Saltmedia today, and get a quote for a mobile design for your website.

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