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Whether you own a local Grande Prairie-area business or a multinational corporation, having a web presence is no longer optional. Successful businesses, regardless of size, have modern sites created by developers who know that a powerful online presence requires much more than a digital brochure. For those who want to succeed online today, the best website design looks great and functions exceptionally well, informs visitors and compels them to take action. But that's not all.

Owning a site that can be viewed and used readily from mobile devices is also fundamental to success online. A website design that works is compatible with devices like tablets and mobile phones, looks professional and caters to current trends that show a continually increasing number of people operating from mobile devices. To help our clients overcome the limitations of traditional mobile-friendly sites, our Alberta web design company employs responsive designs, creating websites that function fully and seamlessly, no matter the device.

If you're looking for comprehensive online solutions from an Alberta web design company, Saltmedia has you covered! Our Grande Prairie web design team includes graphic experts whose skills and creativity can be put to work to create effective branding for your business. Like our website designers, Saltmedia's graphic design team offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to your company's needs and budget.


Our writing team will produce copy that jumps off the screen or page, enhancing your overall website design. We also provide writing services for publications such as brochures, annual reports and pamphlets. Media releases, speaking notes and fully-fledged communications plans are other specialties. Ask about our customized communications packages. We will help you go from the first word to the finalized website that has connected social media accounts, which Saltmedia can help manage.

When it comes to web design, Grande Prairie-area businesses looking for the best possible solutions can trust our designers and technicians to fulfil their needs and exceed expectations on time and within budget.


18 July 2016
Online Marketing
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In today's world, where people of all ages, worldwide, are online, a website is one of the best ways to advertise your business. As many people soon discover, however, the challenge is getting prospective customers to your site. One of the online mar...
11 July 2016
Online Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, falls under the Search Marketing umbrella along with SEO. To put it simply, SEM is a way to buy traffic. You pay for ads that appear in the search engine's results, which puts your business in front of people who are ...
04 July 2016
Frequently Asked Questions
Ah, yes, the age old question of how long it's going to take before you're the proud owner of an awesome Saltmedia website! Well, the amount of time it takes to create a website design that's perfectly tailored to a company and fully executed on the ...
28 June 2016
Choosing who it is that will design and build your website is a pretty big decision. Pick the wrong website designers and you could wind up with a costly and largely ineffective web presence, but select the right team and your business will be armed ...
23 June 2016
Online Marketing
Business owners often ask us which types of digital marketing are most important if they want to succeed online. The truth is, there isn't a one-size-fits-all online marketing solution that will work for every business. In fact, your industry, your b...

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Angie has built a reputation of determination and expertise in her field. Angie, while taking care of our website creation, maintenance and analytics, has also given our remote management team the tools necessary to foster systematic growth with Office365 and SharePoint.The integration of this system, has contributed greatly to the overall success of our business. I highly recommend Angie and her team. We receive timely responses and effective solutions, consistently. Thank you, Angie Tara Behrens, Chief Operating Officer at Octane Safety Services Ltd - Grande Prairie
A pleasure to work with a professional and artistic company.Lynn Baxter, Orthodontics North Office Manager - Grande Prairie

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