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Ready to Learn More About Cloud Solutions & How They'll Change the Way You Do Business? Read On!

Ready to Learn More About Cloud Solutions & How They'll Change the Way You Do Business? Read On!

In the last post, we shared some of the ways cloud solutions can and are being used to improve operations by providing businesses with a more affordable and convenient way to access and use information. We also touched on one of the ways cloud solutions can be used to promote brands and to keep customers up to date on a company's latest and greatest via email marketing.

Today, I'd like to share a few more specifics for cloud computing and some of the many ways business owners can customize their solutions to create a system that's a true asset for their company.

Endless Ways to Better Your Business with Microsoft Office 365

The beauty of cloud computing is that any business can customize the services to better manage their operations. So, whether they're a restoration company that works with multiple insurance companies and has estimators, cleaners and contractors on their crew, or they produce a small publication that requires everyone from writers and photographers to editors and graphics experts to contribute in order to get their magazine out each month, there are several ways the cloud can help.

Saltmedia loves and works with Microsoft Office 365, so for the purposes of this article, we'll refer to some of this service's key functions.

Email: There's no doubt about it, the old school pop3, imap, gmail or hotmail email platforms just aren't secure or powerful enough to keep up with business' needs. With Microsoft Exchange Online, one of the many applications you can enjoy with Microsoft Office 365, you can securely access your calendar, email and contacts from anywhere.

Sharepoint: This awesome application allows you to store files in a central location to make sharing information a cinch.

Microsoft Office Online: Yup, you guessed it, this application allows you to edit MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other docs, right from your mobile phone or in a web browser.

Microsoft Lync Online: Imagine how easy it would be to communicate with clients and colleagues if you had a secure platform for voice and video messaging. Well, Microsoft Lync Online makes it possible! You can even upgrade Lync Online to use for VOIP phone systems.

Microsoft Office Web Apps Online: Look at and edit your Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote docs online or right from your mobile phone.

While this just touches on some of the ways you can better manage your business with cloud solutions, don't forget that email marketing via the cloud is also an excellent way to promote your brand, increase leads and sales. Saltmedia works with many clients to do just that, using the cloud-based email marketing system, Constant Contact.

Saltmedia is somewhat unique in the industry because we don't just know and offer website development, but we also have an extensive knowledge of IT systems and networks. While Angie, Ana and Imran all have knowledge of IT, Alex worked as a high-level network administrator for several years before Saltmedia. We may not offer IT services like hardware, but we can help systemize your business in the most cost-effective and user-friendly way possible.

To learn more about cloud solutions and how your business will benefit from any of the services or applications I've mentioned, get in touch with us: (780) 539-7258.

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