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Mobile Speed: Are You Getting the Best Online Marketing ROI?

Mobile Speed: Are You Getting the Best Online Marketing ROI?

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been talking about mobile web development and specifically mobile speed. While just about any mobile site would do in the past, users are becoming more and more impatient with slow-to-load mobile sites. Because of the role speed now plays in mobile user experience, I'm going to talk about how this relates to businesses' marketing return on investment, or ROI.

I don't think any business owner would disagree that the sole reason they have a website is to bring new leads and sales for their company. You invest the money into an attractive, well-branded and informative site that's going to attract the attention of visitors and turn them into your customers - or at least that's what you hope will happen.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still investing in mobile web development only to be left with a site that is dreadfully slow to load on mobile devices. In terms of marketing ROI, slow mobile sites are a liability, not the valuable assets you need them to be.

Pay a Pro for the Best ROI

If speed is the key to a great mobile user experience, it pays to invest your money wisely, the first time, and to hire a professional web developer. You want and need mobile users to find what they're looking for on your website quickly, not to hit the back button in a huff, thinking about the time they just wasted waiting for your site to load. While some marketing firms and other non-developers may offer mobile web development on the cheap, there's a very good chance that you'll be paying more money in the future to upgrade your clunky site to something that's geared to perform on all mobile devices.

As I explained in a previous post, the best website design for mobile is responsive - one site that's compatible with every device - and is built using clean code. It also doesn't rely on cheap shared hosting, and the images are optimized for optimal loading speed. When it comes to online marketing ROI, hiring a professional who knows what it takes to offer the best mobile user experience will always generate the best results in the shortest time.

If you'd like to discover the best website design for your marketing ROI, give us a call. Let's get started designing the responsive site that's going to provide an awesome user experience now and in the future.

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