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An Enhanced Web Presence is the Best Way for Grande Prairie Realtors to Attract New Leads

An Enhanced Web Presence is the Best Way for Grande Prairie Realtors to Attract New Leads

In today's world, having an online presence is a must for businesses of any type and size. By no other means can you inform your target market about what it is that you do, or generate new sales for your company as efficiently or as cost-effectively as you can with a well-designed website. As a Grande Prairie web design team, Saltmedia has created new or revitalized existing websites for dozens of businesses across a wide variety of industries. One thing that we see, again and again, is businesses that are not utilizing the best website design for their niche, nor are they capitalizing on all of the effective and affordable ways their website can be used to market their brands.

Realtors, in particular, are a group that have much to gain from a well-designed, high-performing website, but many are working with sites that aren't tailored to their needs nor are they optimized to successfully attract new leads. The best website design for a Grande Prairie realtor is one that does most of your work for you!

The Best Website Design for a Grande Prairie Realtor
Undoubtedly, the best way to get your hands on a website that's going to really go to work for you and your business is to team up with a reputable Grande Prairie web design team. With their guidance, you're sure to discover why it is that your existing site is underperforming. In most cases, realtors' websites don't contain the key elements that are needed to first attract the attention of homebuyers or sellers and then convince them to pick up the phone and call for more information.

These are a few of the features every realtors' website should possess:

High Quality Graphics, Logos and Branding: For many people, your website will be the first impression they make with regards to how it is that you do business. High quality graphics and a professionally designed logo are a great way to attract attention and instill a lasting memory. Then, whether you like it or not, you are the brand when you're a realtor, so professional branding that's carefully integrated across your entire online presence is vital to becoming the name people remember.

Captivating, Keyword Optimized Content: Okay, the information visitors find on your site isn't likely going to be of the same page-turning calibre as your favourite novel, but it needs to be informative, written well and absolutely, no ifs ands or buts, feature Calls to Action. You want your site's visitors to browse your listings and to pick up the phone to call you. Your copy needs to be persuasive enough to do just that!

Another important factor for any realtor's website is keyword optimized content. Through in-depth market research, we can determine the keyword terms that people in your local area are using to find realtors. When your copy is carefully optimized with the right keywords, your site will be the one home buyers and sellers see first, at the top of the search engine results!

Email Marketing Makes Staying in Touch a Breeze: Earning repeat clients is one of the primary objectives for every realtor. While becoming a go-to realtor in Grande Prairie depends on how well you perform in the moment when selling clients' homes and when deals are being made, keeping in touch with your current and previous clients is a great way to remind them of your merits as a realtor. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do just that is with email marketing, something which can be totally integrated with your website.

Add an IDX to Your Home Page & Be the Local Go-to Site for Real Estate Listings
By adding an MLS Internet Data Exchange (IDX) or Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) feed, to your home page, it allows people to use your site to find real estate listings in your local area. Websites that successfully generate leads are those that are engaging, and an MLS IDX or RETS feed is a great way to keep 'em coming back for more!

Really, this is just the beginning of what a realtor's website should feature and how it should be used to make your job easier and to guarantee results. Why own a website if it's failing to bring you new leads, right?!

To discover how your website can and should be going to work for you as a realtor, get in touch with us: 780-539-SALT.

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